Sunday, 6 September 2009

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Death is gone
Like a million rhinocerous
On the roof.

Have been neglecting my blog. I forget to write on it, and i forget to write on paper with having other things to do and other troubles. I tried to write but couldn't think of anything. I become conscious of my style. What is it?

I don't know if I'm better at writing poems or fiction. I used to get better marks for my fiction in uni, but it's easier to write poems. And poems are pointless.

Start uni again soon. Doing a Master of Arts in Writng. Thinking about moving out in the next few months. Planning a trip with my friend similar to 'Fear and Loathing' but in Europe. I've known him for almost 13 years. We're like brothers. He studied law and works for a law firm, and is just like me in that he hates where he is in life and just wants to get drunk. He said we're just in a rut. Need a place to live with 2 or 3 other people. inc. him.

Have arguements at home all the time. Almost got kicked out.

Is it possible to practise writing, guitar and oil painting in a day? There aren't enough hours. I have a canvas I've had for ages and don't know what to paint.

Went to Mathew Street Festival. (That's the street where the Cavern Club is, where the Beatles started off). I love Liverpool and our music history. Saw Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan tributes. Went to Cavern Pub (not the club) and saw John Lennon look-alike and some great music. I'm listening to The Bealtes now.

Mathew Street

Wall outside Cavern, each brick is the name of a band or musician that has played inside. Inc. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones...

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