Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Confused Protest - Anger and Communism

I wrote a song today after seeing the protests in London on the News. I wanted to be there, but obviously I'm not. I liked it and I agreed with it. But what was strange was there was about 4 or 5 different protests. It started with the financial protests outside the Bank of England and the G20 diplomats in London discussing it. So there were protests to get the message across that bankers are stealing our money while we're going poorer and poorer.
It was peaceful and carnivalesque at first. But there was a mixture of anti-war, anti-capitalist, and climate change protesters. Then these anti-capitalists mixed with communists with the communist flag (which is fine because I'm fine with some communism). But then anarchists with their faces convered started sirring shit, picking fights with the poice, which is pointless.
I saw a Chinese flag (probably for communism) and next to it a Tibetan flag. Some kid was interviewed on Sky News or BBC News and he didn't know what he was talking about. I saw a banner which read: "Consumerists Suck" and I thought, yeah, and where did you buy the material for that banner?
There was a 4 horseman of the apocalypse theme with the carnival parts. I saw a banner which read: "Capitalism isn't Working." Okay. Fine. I'm interested in Communism, I've studied parts of it, and was going to write about it (so this gives me good material) but to be honest, these people wouldn't last in a Communist state. There would be someone to take the lead, and then turn into a Fascist regime. There would be no freedom to protest. These are just kids who want to be naughty and smash up some windows and smack a policeman and then go home to their things they've bought within this Capitalist society.
So I don't know what I'm trying to say when sometimes I like Communism, but I just don't beieve all this. We don't need fascists, we need peace; and if you're going to overthrow the Government, fine, but don't overrule me!

They’re protesting to the world
They’re protesting in the streets,
And I want you to watch
Before they’re covered in sheets,

There is blood on his face
Screaming at the police,
The war won’t be won
‘Till someone’s on their deathbed,

They want you to leave
Stay or go away,
Capturing your image
In a peasant kind of way,

And who owns these streets?
They shout they are ours,
Smoking monkeys that watch
As they trample over cars,

And the idiot anarchists know
Not what they are protesting,
Just what a riot
What Union Jack are you protecting?

And I fail to see your point,
You are just as bad,
With Tibet and Chinese flags
And more police holding you back,

And four horsemen of the Apocalypse
Are strolling all around you,
Surrounding yourselves with graveyards,
I just don’t know if I believe you.

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