Thursday, 18 September 2008


Today tilts and screams out
Your life’s all your way!
Tonight we will apply our wills
And stand and shout that the world
Is laughing and the night
She’s full of the night
She’s full of the night while
It tilts Moksha! And inside
Wide-eyed our naked eyes
Are selling our souls the old ways
Of thinking,
Culmination the human form
Dog of Dharma,
In a shining world
Where your actions are your best intentions,
But I feel the prize is perfection
Perfect participation in the eyes of growing old.

Best lives will see a glimpse
Of everything:
Miniscule lives the alcohol raining
Ages of dining with dangerous gaming
Working for hours forever complaining
Always embracing the lives of Yogic liberation.

And I will Surrender –
The naked skydive;
It is the Maniac
And we are the Sun,
And yr own sun’s bein lazy;

And Sacrifice –
People remote so wishful inside
And I will remember how it used to be
Mukeshpuri the lives intact with yr loss forever
And I will remember
The half-hearted second thought,
Rubber arms pink elastic muscles
Move like agony sometimes,
One who lies there all day
Driving his headache to sleep,
Seek the grey bathtub-water sky soaking
The patchwork wooden tiled floorboards
Of dawn of time dust asleep
Just waking up like an Indian God

Rolled over to one side;
And I will remember
How it used to be so great;
And turning to the old ways
Surprise yrself with a collection of books lives and music;

Hyper action for my own safety
From losing it
And I will remember losing it,
Visionary thinks the world of you
It’s all coming true
But it lacks a bit of essence,
And I will remember
Us waking up like Gods.

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